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Elise Noel

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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2006|11:54 am]
Elise Noel
goodness, i was just reading some of my previous entries and they seem a bit...i don't know, incongruous...or what's that thing that robin williams has that makes you happy and then sad and then happy? but anyway, it's like that.

anyway, school's good this semester =) i'm in a tap class! which is a-maz-ing. i missed it so! i'm also in a dance composition class where i have to make up studies all the time. that's pretty fun too except for the busy work part. haha...yesterday we had to perform studies that were inspired by shells she gave us =) ....oh good times.

also, creative drama is painful. first, it's creative drama...easy right? why then is he all, "you do what i ask for...C!" then? it's making me crazy. oh, and i'm not a huge fan of forced improvisation with a bunch of strangers. i know it sounds like a blast.

alright, i'm gonna go get some coffee in the union. love you all
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mmmhmmm [Feb. 26th, 2006|03:41 pm]
Elise Noel
<td align="center"> Elise --

A beat poet working the streets

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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(no subject) [Nov. 28th, 2005|02:43 pm]
Elise Noel
i know i only update this thing when something bad happens...but such is life. a friend from dance was murdered yesterday in her ny apartment. her name is catherine woods and she is the daughter of the osu marching band director. i don't really have much to say except that i'm sad. people i know aren't supposed to be murdered. i haven't seen her in a long time, and it makes me feel like i need to talk to everyone i've ever known to make sure they're okay and they know i care about them. so, know that i care about you. it's just not supposed to be like this
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2005|05:09 pm]
Elise Noel
my grandma died yesterday morning around 8:15. she's in my user pic, but it's dark and small and hard to see. i just like this picture because she is so happy and proud of me dancing. i'm about to leave for cleveland for the funeral and it all seems very unreal. perhaps when i get back this week sometime i'll be able to figure out how to get a better picture on here.
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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2005|10:44 pm]
Elise Noel
[mood |discontentdiscontent]

well, it's been an even longer time. i guessed i stopped feeling like documenting my life so that a few other people could glance over it. but i've missed you

so, there are two things that have prompted me to return to the live journal community. 1) my car was broken into a couple nights ago. i went to leave for school in the morning and noticed that i no longer had a passenger side window. it had been bashed in with a rock.  also, my purse was gone, but nothing else.  so this obviously presented many difficulties in getting to school on time and until my window got fixed today.  the police found my purse that had been discarded on top of a garage down the ally. i had nothing of value really and who ever it was didn't take any of the things that were of value (my guess is that they were looking for cash). so, $100(for the window) later, all is well.

i went to the hancock county fair yesterday with my cousin logan =) i got a caramel apple that had been sliced up for easy consumption. yumyum...in other news, i'm not terribly fond of my classes this semester. and i'm stranded up there for many many hours with nothing to do. so that's awesome. but i'm taking a modern dance class, which is wonderful

alright, here's where 2) comes in. my grandma(my dad's mom) has had a really rough year since my grandpa passed away and decided that she didn't want to go into the hospital anymore. the next time she went in they would put her on a ventilator and that's not something she wants. i guess i should explain what's the matter with her. she's had some sort of lung condition for a very long time in which her lungs have been gradually decreasing in their capacity to take in oxygen. she's been on oxygen for the last couple years, but her lungs just can't absorb it anymore. so all of that being said, they called hospice a little while ago so that the next time she gets sick they will just come in to make her comfortable. the other day it was determined that she probably has two weeks left but today she wasn't able to finish sentences. we're going to see her on saturday. i just can't believe that she is going to suffocate like this. it seems so cruel and unfeeling. there are so many things we never got to talk about or do and i don't feel like i truly know her. it just pains me that i won't get the chance. the world will look differently once she's gone, and i hope that she'll be able to find some peace as she goes.

i hope that this finds you well. if you ever think of it, i'd love to hear from you. love/miss you all 

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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2005|10:47 am]
Elise Noel
it's been a long time

my little brother is playing horton in his middle school's production of seussical =)and my sister is dancing in the high school's production. and i think ocu is doing it. and the findlay high school as well! that's certainly a lot of seussical

the weather has been a little crazy the last month or so. the week before christmas we had a huge snow storm. it was snowing constantly for a couple days and for some reason the plow trucks were having trouble getting the roads cleared at all. so i was having fun driving in the snow hoping i wouldn't get stuck. there was also a layer of ice on top of the snow which made things a bit more impossible. jenny's car got stuck in my court so she had to spend the night(i didn't think i should wake my dad up) but anyway...that melted while i was away, and then there was a big ice storm in the northwestern parts of ohio. all the trees were breaking, telephone poles were snapping, as well as power lines, so there were thousands of people without power...and then recently it has been raining non-stop so there is widespread flooding. there's one stretch of the highway on my way to school that felt like i was on one of those really long bridges because the highway was completely surrounded by water. yesterday and the day before it was in the 60s, then it dropped 40 degrees and started snowing, so now there are frozen floods. but anyway...

hey guess what! i have a story! k, lib's been asking me to go spend part of christmas break with her family for years and my parents have been steadfast in their 'no' response, and this year was not unlike any other. christmas morning we had finished opening up most of our presents and i came to my last one. it was a red and white striped box with a cheery red bow on top. for some reason i was a little annoyed, i can't quite remember at this point, but i kept eying my mother as i took out each piece of tissue paper. at the very bottom of the box was a plain white envelope, that i opened, glancing at my mom in confusion. inside was tucked a packet of printed information with a stack of bills behind it. i held the paper closer trying to make sense of it. Departure, 12/27 Columbus, Oh to NY LaGuardia...disbelief furrowed my brow, while my mom's expression affirmed my suspicions. i was going to nyc! well, for part of the time at least. lib's family lives in new canaan, connecticut. later on christmas day, mrs. bradshaw had come to our house for dinner and was asking me all about our plans and everything. i was explaining my emotions; how i felt confused and guilty and ecstatic at the same time. she smiled and said that it isn't often we are shown such grace. i'm not sure if that makes sense to you, but it meant a lot to me. and our trip was wonderful! i'm officially 21 and have both ordered and bought alcoholic beverages.

now i have to go to class
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(no subject) [Oct. 31st, 2004|07:35 pm]
Elise Noel
[mood |excitedexcited]

i think i'm going to sleep for the next two days. i'm tired of being exposed to the nonstop propaganda and demonizing of those with deffering opinions. we're so polarized. and being in a swing state, all the canidates are here ALL the time. last week for instance, wed;bush in findlay, thurs;kerry in toledo and later that day in columbus, fri;bush in columbus. kerry plans to come back to toledo on mon...combined they've visited the state 60 times and ohio is predicted to be this election's florida. i turned in my absentee ballot yesterday after filling it out in the original wendy's across the street where i ran into my elementary school music teacher and saw wendy(who, oddly enough, looks somewhat like veruca salt, no strike that, violet beauregard with red hair)'s dress and frosty cup. so, i did my part. hopefully, countering stupidity's vote in my own small way. i'm tired of arguing about it all though. it upsets me how closed-minded people are. and also, i'm afraid that issue 1 is going to pass. i can't believe people would support something like that...i suppose it's just out of their ignorance. but it still sucks.

my car broke. transmission decided to kill itself. rock. saturday ben(this is the name by which i refer to him, though you might want to include the last name folds for clarity's sake) is going to be in bowling green and i'm not sure if i'll be able to go. oh yeah, ben and i have become very good friends in the last few months. i think there are some other things that have happened. but i'm just going to go to bed instead of worrying about it.
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2004|12:07 am]
Elise Noel
[mood |sleepysleepy]

i am awful at updating this thing. i think it has something to do with my inability to communicate effectively, which is a direct result of my inability to think effectively.  it's all too scattered to make any sense of. everything changes from day to day and i don't document it, and then...well...you know the rest

i love. but unfortunately i am unlovable. oops. didn't plan that just right. i wish i understood what's behind your eyes.

alright...i just got distracted (as i always do). i think i just saw the last episode of roseanne. she was finishing the recording of her lifestory...musing about the past and the things she learned. and i sat there and cried. is that wrong? i think i've become too emotional. maybe i just have more buttons to push now, or at least more ways to access them. i always cry in church and in movies. not usually just because of the actual events taking place, but something it reminds me of. something i miss

i wish my brain had an off-switch...or at least a control switch. i picked apples a few weeks ago and saturday i think we're going to the circleville pumpkin festival =) haha...i'm singing with the worship band at church for the contemporary service now. also, i'm in bell choir! haha...we're playing at both services sunday...and i finished my pop culture paper, so yeah. tomorrow night i'm going to the football game, then hanging out with the kids...rah.

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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2004|10:52 pm]
Elise Noel
[mood |contentcontent]

today as i was sitting on the wooden slated bench in the middle of the grassy part of campus doing my math hw with all the random people walking around me i felt okay. and it was a good feeling. i've always tried hard to believe that things happen for a reason, but sometimes it's hard to see what we are in the midst of it. i never felt like i decided to go to oklahoma and i certainly didn't feel like i decided to go to bg...it just happened that way. looking back on ocu, i think i needed to cross paths with the people i did there...from knowing them i've broadened my world view and come out more equipped to think for myself. and now at bg, i'm looking forward to this liturgical arts thing i'm going to be helping with at my grandparent's church. i'm going to have my very own dance team =) hehe...earlier this summer i went to a worship arts festival and learned about dance as a form of worship for church, and now i get to put it into practice...i can't say for sure what all God has for me here, but i'm beginning to believe there's something
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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2004|11:32 pm]
Elise Noel
well...in my rush of self pity i forgot to mention the splendid horseback riding trip i took the other day =) all the families got together...i drove down to the farm to meet them... and jarrin wore cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. mind you, this is not common practice in these parts =) and it was wonderful. he assured me that he had also brought a harmonica, but left it back in the car for fear he would disrupt the animals. it was simply amazing.

in other news, jo quit dance. my family and i are now officially free of any ties to the studio. it's insane. that place had a chunk of my life for 17 years and now it's over. weird.
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